M&O FOCUS Platform
Designed specifically with smaller financial institutions in mind, the FOCUS Platform offers a basic broker compensation and reporting package that can be turned on right out of the box. This scalable platform offers different views for service personnel, managers and financial advisors. The FOCUS platform offers a best-in class package of tools for management and advisors alike.
  • Compensation System: This compensation system aggregates electronic commission data from diverse providers and from direct entry of commissions data by service personnel through a simple user interface.
  • Adjustments, Splits & Licensing: The compensation system handles both gross and net adjustments through simple-to- use upload tools that work directly with the compensation engine. Service personnel can set up splits and licensing rules through a set of user-friendly tables.
  • Financial and Managerial Reporting: M&O provides a rich user interface for the visual display of current and historical compensation and operational information as well as user driven data mining tools for the free querying of compensation data.
How it Works
  • Establish pay grids and formulas for the most complex payment and incentive plans including retroactive grids, flat grids, month to date, rolling months, year-to- date, and more…
  • Process gross and net adjustments.
  • Provide a free querying tool to mine transaction and compensation data.
  • Provide a standard set of operations and financial reports.
  • Scalable system is ready to grow along with your business.
  • Easy to use, web based interface for advisors to access day to day commission reports.
  • Automated processing and reconciliation of industry feeds including clearing firms.
  • Flexible configuration provides the business with the ability to create any number of custom pay grids.
  • Reporting includes a set of standard financial reports for advisors and a set of standard operational reports for support personnel.