Support Services

A cornerstone of the M&O organization is our service model. M&O’s support has been heralded throughout the industry by our cohort of customer organization. We defined high quality service as “hand in hand” implementation; on time response to questions, simple and complex; understanding the unique needs of each customer and the individual involved units; accepting that nothing is perfect in this world and ultra priority is given to fixes no matter how the situation is generated. We have built our service organization into three groups:

  • Production 
  • Professional 
  • Integration 


The Production group is our customers’ go-to source for answers specific to the M&O platform. The average tenure with M&O of the group is 10 years.  Hours that the Production service group is available are 9am ET – 6pm ET.


M&O maintains a Professional services group. Every year, clients come to us asking for us to share our expertise in the areas of: business analysis, project management, development, training and other areas.  Our Professional service team working with senior leadership teams, Project Management Office (PMO) teams and operations, supplies value-added services that merge the highest quality deliverables with timeliness. The M&O Professional group has a reputation for exceeding our customers’ expectations for listening, collaboration and delivering and at the end of the day, exceeding our clients’ expectations.


The eco-systems at all types today’s broker-dealers demand that their technology partners share accurate data securely. We understand that, and support those demands. M&O has its own Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and is constantly exploring other best in class vendors to add value to our customers.

Beyond those service buckets, where you can access a living, breathing person, we also support Hosting capabilities.