Data Management and Reporting
M&O’s data warehousing platform receives and aggregates customer account information, customer and firm historical transactional information, organizational hierarchy information, product information and advisor and firm compensation, revenue and expense information. The Data Management Platform gathers this diverse data through the automated and secure processing of electronic interfaces that are transmitted to M&O by our client’s product provider or information clearing houses. This data is combined with resident data in the M&O database where it is cleansed, distilled and simplified for reporting through smaller slices or data marts. M&O provides a comprehensive toolkit that supports this data from its inception to its archiving, allowing our clients to take on the rigors of reconciling this through intuitive user interfaces.
How it Works
Data Aggregation, Cleansing and Reporting Tools
Aggregate data from industry data sources including:
  • Clearing Firms (NFS, Pershing, First Clearing, COR, BETA…).
  • DTCC IPS, NSCC mutual fund services with straight through processing of mutual fund client accounts.
  • PVF, FAR, Mutual Fund Networking (B51/F51).
  • DST FANmail© & DAZL accounts, activity, positions, pricing.
  • FINRA Web EFT & NIPR License and Appointments.
  • M&O client and account Books and Records.
  • Leverage data scrubbing already done for commissions.
  • Capture a 360 degree view of your firms assets.
  • Drill through carriers, products and clients.
  • Trend asset growth.
  • Break out and measure Advisory Business.