Compensation and Incentive Tools
Commission Data Aggregation: The aggregation of diverse commission information is processed through the automated receipt of electronic transmissions from custodians and product providers or by the direct entry of this information by service personnel through M&O’s user interface.
Compensation and Incentive Calculations: M&O, utilizing client generated rules, cleanses and classifies commission data for the calculation of payment to advisors or parties in the sales channel.
Financial and Managerial Reporting After the Calculations: M&O provides a rich user interface for the visual display of current and historical compensation information as well as user driven data mining tools for the free querying of compensation data.
How it Works
Business rules are configured by the client in order to:
  • Classify products and transactions for general ledger reporting by loading your Chart of Accounts.
  • Establish pay grids and formulas for the most complex payment and incentive plans including retroactive grids, flat grids, month to date, rolling months, year-to-date, and more…
  • Build flexible ticket charge schedules.
  • Business rules for haircuts, minimums, and discount sharing policies.
  • Process gross & net adjustments.
  • Implement overrides and production bonuses.
  • Assure advisor cash-flow with draws and guarantees and comply with “FLSA” minimum payments.
  • Comply with your FINRA and insurance rules with a licensing and appointment configuration engine.
  • Automated processing and reconciliation of industry feeds including Clearing Firms (NFS, Pershing, BETA, COR, First Clearing, DTCC/NSCC, DST IDC®, DAZLSM.
  • Interfaces to the enterprise payroll and general ledger systems are available for straight-through reporting.
  • Flexible configuration provides the business with the ability to create any number of custom pay grids