M&O Systems: Since 1977, a world class technology partner to the financial services industry.

M&O’s longevity and unmatched reputation is rooted in meeting complex challenges our customers have faced over the past few decades. We know how to harness the power of the ever changing and complex world of technology to enhance your stakeholders’, corporate and field, productivity, while at the same time reducing costs. 

At M&O, we know financial service firms.  We understand that recruiting and retaining talented producers starts with adaptable technology that demonstrates your firm’s commitment to helping their business grow.  At M&O our partnership with our clients extends well beyond the leading software and business solutions we provide. Through sustained excellence in service, support and consultancy we help our clients thrive.   Let our software and services free you to focus on what matters most: 

Our solutions enable our clients to:

  • Manage compensation and incentive plans for their producers and  their sales organization

  • Deliver field-facing, seamlessly integrated portals for consistent producer experience

  • Provide their advisors with practice management tools to improve productivity and client servicing

  • Support the growth of their business by scaling to meet higher volumes

  • Cultivate the most productive revenue sources

  • Comply with ever changing regulatory requirements

  • Automate account opening and client onboarding

  • Manage organizational hierarchies and advisor credentials (licensing, registrations and appointments)

We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Our over 200 years of collective experience solving broker/dealer problems.

  • Supplying our users with wizard based pay grids that are driven by a firm’s unique business needs

  • providing an Ad hoc reporting engine, which supports rich mining of business data

The M&O Platform, with its applications, supplies the infrastructure for timely installations, configurable implementations, and streamlined roll-outs to all users. Built on a Microsoft-powered backbone, M&O solutions are both scalable and easy to use.

M&O Systems offers a proven, stable and yet flexible platform for compensation management, compliance requirements, sales reporting and stakeholder productivity. We make visible new actionable top and bottom line opportunities hidden in the thousands, millions of lines of data that cross your desk every day.