Account Opening & OSJ Approval
Client Account Platform: The client account platform delivers an dynamic and intuitive experience to those tasked with opening and maintaining client accounts. Client data can be entered and administered through M&O’s web-based applications or through applications provided by third parties or custodians and then integrated to M&O through data transmission or web-services. Our client account platform provides the user with a 360 degree view of an investors financial portfolio and the ability for advisors to provide service to their clients.
How it Works
Account Opening, Maintenance and Supervisory Workflow:
  • Advisors and support staff can establish and maintain accounts remotely through the web-based M&O Advisor Portal.
  • M&O’s proprietary forms engine renders the broker/dealer’s account and disclosure forms dynamically based on the line of business and transaction type or source of funds (e.g. brokerage or alternative investment).
  • M&O provides optional links to industry leading carrier forms vendors such as Quik! and Laserapp.
  • Flexible workflow allows for remote OSJ approvals or direct routing to the home office.
  • Includes ad-hoc reporting tools for advisors to view their complete book of business.
  • Intuitive, intelligent interface for an exceptional advisor experience.
  • Load and manage and track contacts and turn them into invested clients.
  • Eliminate data entry omissions and errors – Get Compliant. Render broker/dealer forms with the M&O Forms Engine and carrier forms with optional interfaces to major forms providers.
  • Work baskets with heads up display of work-in-queue.